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About Ogun

On Orisha Love Songs Vol.2 - Orun Cantado, Ogún is a short song. It is a brief salute to one of the most ubiquitous spirits. Orisha Love Songs Vol.1 has a nice tratado (treatise or song order), which touches on some of the many aspects of Ogún. On this record I wanted to keep it short. You will hear the cutting voice of Naivis Angarica, singing Akpón (lead), over a seven-layer sound bath. Rising and falling with the simple but ancient melody, is Maxfield Gast (Ewi), Orlando Fiol (Piano), and Bakithi Kumalo (Bass). I layer metal and wind percussion and provide the electro-coro. You may also hear the minibrute analog synth and processed mbira. Please enjoy, ‘Ogún’.

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