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Leana Song "Orisha Love Songs Vol. 2 - Oru Cantado

June 30, 2018



Shawn Hennessey’s project, Leana Song, is a fusion of Afro-Cuban Orisha songs with electronic, folk and jazz.  This second volume, “Orisha Love Song Vol.2 - Oru Cantado’ presents new arrangements of 19 traditional Orisha songs, with Batá drums at the center.  The arrangements are electro-folkloric, and draw influences from samba, house, trap, and experimental.  This new album features Bakithi Kumalo, Paul Simon’s long time bass player, folkloric singer Naivis Angarica, recorded in Cuba, and gospel-latin pianist Orlando Fiol.  Recorded entirely in Ableton Live, Shawn plays the guitars, layers vocals, sequences beats, and plays over 100 different percussion instruments, to form this homegrown amalgamation of Afro-Folk.

Let's Get Carried Away - Hennessey Bonfire

May 28, 2013

Self-Produced Original Music 


let's get carried away


all songs written by shawn hennessey 

all rights reserved


all song recorded from 2006-2012 either at home, the carriagehouse studios, philly, WERS studios, boston.  produced, recorded and edited by s.hennessey  Drumset and pianos for 'evergreen' and 'guns' recorded at was studios boston, 2009 by sean heary / mixed by tom spiker and s.hennessey at carriagehouse studios / mastered by jeff chestek 

all samples homemade

Leana Song "Orisha Love Songs Vol.1"

August 08, 2008

“Orisha Love Songs Vol.1” offers a completely unique sound and is a testament of what is to come as the world begins to really hear each other’s music. 

Oud Blues-Oud Blues

May 28, 2013

Shawn Hennessey - Percussion Vocals


Balkan Middle Easten Philly Grooves


Wonuwali - Mohamed Kalifa Camara

January 03, 2023

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U-Meleni - Soul Psalms

January 01, 2020

Guitar Vocals Percussion and Orchestration.


A Zimbabwean singer/poet/actress/activist/ offers her cd as an uncompromising musical diary with an innovative mix of Afro-caribbean global influences weaved with soul and jazz.

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